2022 Courage to Change Symposium

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Our Second Annual Courage to Change Symposium, “Let’s Rethink Human Dignity,” in Overland Park, Kansas featured a wide-range of topics related to the effects of mass incarceration, alternatives to the current system, rehabilitation, and reducing recidivism.


Our ROFW signature conference featured national and regional speakers, including our ROFW alumni, formerly incarcerated individuals, federal, state and local elected officials, representatives from federal and state prisons, business leaders, and community advocates.

This event was a wonderful success!  Over 400 people, representing at least four different states, were educated on the issues that prison residents and returning citizens face.  Additionally, we were joined virtually by a total of 26 prisons from North Carolina, Kansas, and Missouri, as well as two transition centers (St. Louis and Kansas City, MO).












Thank you so much to all of the staff, board members, panelists, donors, and all others that made the event possible!

If you appreciated what you saw, or want to learn more about ROFW, please click the button below to view a PDF that details what we do inside and outside of prison walls.


Did you miss the event?  If so, please view the panelist videos below:


Below, you can see all of the Symposium panelist videos, divided by topic.  You can also read the description of these panels. 

Symposium Topics 

Overuse of the Criminal Justice System: Reducing Incarceration through Treatment as an Alternative. 

Many municipalities and law enforcement agencies recognize the opportunity to use treatment as an alternative to incarceration.  Through drug and alcohol abuse programs, counseling and other treatments, incarceration rates in these districts have decreased.  Learn more about these alternatives and how they could benefit your work. 

A Path to Success on the InsideHousing  

In addition to employment, housing is a huge challenge for returning citizens.  This panel features leaders in the housing community who work tirelessly to provide and expand housing options for returning citizens.



Prevention Programs to Prevent Incarceration: ROFW Alums & Advocates  

In 2019, this was the most popular panel of the day.  We welcomed residents from Lansing Correctional Facility and local alums.  This year, we are excited to welcome back a few alums and some new faces, plus community leaders to talk about how giving back and working with youth in the juvenile system makes an impact on reducing incarceration. 




Innovations in Corrections: Focusing on Justice, Equity and Human Dignity

DOC’s all across our country are undergoing shifts in how they deliver services to their residents.  This panel will focus on innovative programs and trainings that focus on fairer and more equitable processes and ways to bring a more humane approach when dealing with prison populations.  Four states share innovative training and programs they are implementing in an effort to create a better environment for residents and staff within the prisons.




A Path to Success for those Reentering Society: Workforce Development  

For returning citizens, finding a job can be especially challenging.  This panel discussion will focus on initiatives and methods being used locally and nationally to further strengthen the job market for returning citizens.